Urban Fairy Tales
Urban Fairy Tales“, Mobius Spin (Download)

Rusticity - Call And Response
Call And Response” EP by Rusticity (3dtorus & nystada), Mobius Spin (Download)

merx & nystada - Turbulence
Turbulence” (merx & nystada), We Are All Ghosts (Download)

Yearning/Escape” EP, Mobius Spin (Download)

Denial“, Dhatura Records (Download/limited CD)

The Transformation” EP, Montfort Records (Download)
Ghost Hunt” EP, self-released as Hamm’n’Eggs (Download)

Appearances (selection):

Lullabies & Fairytales” Compilation, Dhatura Records  (Download)
Metamorphosis” by the Metamorphosis Collective, Dhatura Records (Download)
Fantastique Plastique” by Roofhare and friends, Mobius Spin (Download)
Always Not There” by Omnimous, Irregular Crates (Download)
Future Imperfect” Compilation, Dhatura Records/The Wetlands (Download)
The X-Mas Compilation 2013” Compilation, Petroglyph Music (Download)