Fall 2014 Netaudio Revue 2

“Turbulence” featured on MakeYourOwnTaste.com

Make Your Own Taste

Got a very big but high-quality roundup for you this November, 2014. Talk about an overflowing cornucopia of electronic delights. I’ve been figuratively spinning these albums for a while and we’re talking about a selection of albums and EPs that provide examples of the best and most innovative styles available here in the current epoch. Visit those links, folks.

a2207238208_10Off Land – Quinarian

Tim Dwyer’s Off Land returns on Psychonavigation Records with a lengthy offering that mixes his trademark sounds with a newer, more expansive sensibility; in the past Off Land has generally traded in shorter mood pieces, but on this album Dwyer allows the pieces to stretch and develop in a fashion much more typical of classic ambient. In fact, opener “Veery”, with its long pad lines and avian field recordings, is very much in that original Roach-ian tradition. “Soar” goes well beyond any templates and further into that…

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