Alastair Kelly – Øresundsbroen | 05:50 | tåge

great podcast offering ambient, drone, neoclassical stuff

Headphone Commute

Alastair Kelly - Oresundsbroen

Has it been two weeks already? We’re back with another hour-long program to bring you more tunes! Today’s mix is brought to you by Alastair Kelly, who’s been a fan and a follower for some time now. It’s like a very special feedback loop between us – I put out the these words into the stratosphere, and he selects his favorites among the few. The result is a concentrated dose of awesomeness showcasing the best of the best. But don’t let me try and convince you – listen for yourself. Here’s more from Kelly:

“When I listen to music I instantly find myself transported to a particular place, or time. This is often accompanied by a sensation, for example feeling a change in temperature, or a tingle of the skin like a fine mist hanging in the air. I’ve come to learn that this may be auditory-tactile synesthesia.


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