merx & nystada – Turbulence

“After all; it’s a real electronica pearl!” Thanks guys for this review!

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artists: merx & nystada
title: Turbulence
cat: waag_rel059
keywords: ambient, electronica, experimental, electronic, krautrock, Motherwell
label: weareallghosts
reviewer: Mark X

mere & nystada joined each other to work together on a release, 7 tracks came out of it and they are bundled under the name of ‘Turbulence’. The kabel owner of ‘the weareallghost’ netlabel wrote that it was at the beginning a ;challenging listen’ but that it had grown on him.. This might be also applied to other new fresh listeners, so keep it in mind that this release might need multiple plays for the right adjustment of mind to fully appreciate the content of it all. After all; it’s a real electronica pearl!

Urbanität is the first successtory of music collaboration between the two artists that came here out of the speakers like a plastic fantastic electronica track. The first thing that my mind thought when hearing this…

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